Organisational Services

Organizational & Inter-Organizational Research

Quantitative & qualitative research can help identify an organization’s manpower concerns, training needs, & ascertain whether organizational re-structuring or policy adjustments are required. WHP is especially experienced in cross-country studies, regionally & internationally. In today’s global marketplace, cultural orientation & adaptations are vital for effective workplace functioning. Our professional consultancy services can aid in this present day reality.


Psychological Investment in Senior Managers

WHP provides an exclusively confidential psychological investment service for companies that choose to invest in maintaining the mental acumen of their most senior managers. Experienced consultants would work unobtrusively & confidentially with the company’s top managers, to ensure their continued well-being & maintain their excellence in performance.


Selection Assessment

WHP team has the skills, knowledge & expertise to implement selection & assessment procedures for senior management positions, & for specialist vocations, including jobs that require quick thinking & effective decision-making under time-pressure & high stress contexts.



WHP offers workshops in team-building, stress & anger management, conflict management & negotiation for organizations in half-day or full day durations. WHP also provides cultural sensitization workshops for expatriates & their spouses living or working locally.